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If you need a quick and reliable buyer, PXS could be the perfect solution

The flexible alternative

If you wish to sell your property quickly, with ease and certainty, PXS may be the solution for you. PXS offers part exchange and chain break services as a straightforward way of selling your home. Many find this a great alternative to the conventional approach, which can often be a long, expensive and uncertain process.


What is part exchange?

Part exchange is the sale of your home to a builder (or PXS acting on behalf of a builder), enabling you to purchase your new home without having to wait to sell your own. We act rather like a cash buyer, so there’s no lengthy mortgage process and we can complete the purchase in a matter of days as long as there are no complications with the property itself.


What is chain break?

Chain break works in a similar way to part exchange, with PXS stepping in should a related sale in your chain fall through.

Your details are referred to PXS and we provide speed and certainty for the whole chain by purchasing the property with the confidence only a cash buyer can bring.


An alternative cash buyer

Even if you do not have a property that you are hoping to purchase, PXS can still buy your home on the same basis as our part exchange proposal, acting as the most reliable cash buyer.



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