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We are your cash buyer when you need it most...

If you're a House Builder, Estate Agent or Solicitor, then PXS could be the key to a smoother sales transaction.


PXS provide part exchange and chain break services to new home builders, estate agents and solicitors as well as directly to the general public. Through buying your purchaser’s property, PXS can assist you with a quicker, more certain sale of your property.


How it works

PXS will always endeavour to pay the best price possible for a property. However you need to bear in mind that PXS need to pay all of the costs involved in buying, holding and selling the property and make a profit as well. Some valuations can be optimistic and PXS have to consider what is realistic. Against a realistic sale price, typically PXS will need a discount of about 10-15%.


What type of properties will you consider?

PXS will buy almost any property, anywhere in the UK. Typically the following will be considered:

Property in any condition

Ex-local authority

High rise flats

Any age of property


How long does it take to get a formal offer on a property?

Typically PXS will make an offer to purchase within a week and then purchase within a further one to two weeks. If your clients timescale is more urgent than that we may still be able to assist. Typically our offers are valid for a period of 14 days.


Will you require a valuation?

PXS arrange to have the property valued by local valuers. These valuations are checked by PXS and we will then make an offer.  If your client rejects the offer, we close our file. If you accept the offer, PXS instruct their solicitors to purchase the property according to your clients timescale. A survey will need to be carried out and assuming there are no hidden problems, you client can plan their move with confidence. It really is that simple.


House Builders

We appreciate that in some circumstances your clients property will not yet be build complete. We will consider all circumstances so please contact us with a more specific enquiry.





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